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Beginning Sounds: Printable Phonics Card Game

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Beginning Sounds: Printable Phonics Card Game

This is a super, fun, educational game that you and your child will love. This fun and interactive game will keep your child excited about learning the beginning sounds of all 26 letters of the alphabet as they compete in a little friendly competition with you, family, or friends.

For Home or School: This game is the ideal complement to home study or a school reading curriculum.  It is designed to provide the building blocks of phonics, starting with letter and sound recognition and then teaching the children to match the beginning sounds of words to the correct letter.

Reading Building Blocks: Research shows that reading cannot occur until children learn the relationship between letters and sounds (with the exemption of sight words). This makes the game a crucial tool to teach your child how to read.

Benefits: Our products are versatile and you can use them in a variety of ways: in school, at home, individually or with friends.

Set Them Up For Success: Take that important first step in setting your child up for success with the Beginning Sounds: Printable Phonics Card Game.

  • Children learn to recognize letters and letter sounds
  • Children learn to match the beginning sounds of words with the correct letter
  • Designed for 1 to 4 players with adult supervision
  • The player that matches the most pictures correctly wins the game!
  • Perfect for home or the classroom

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