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ABCs of Excellence, Magic and Joy Coloring Book

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Elite Kids ABCs of Excellence, Magic and Joy Coloring Book for Kids for Girls and Boys for Children and Adults

Letter recognition.  Positive affirmations.  Original, diverse and unique illustrations my child can color.  Yes. Yes. And Yes.

SELF-ESTEEM BOOST: The ABCs of Excellence, Magic and Joy coloring book will help your child reaffirm over and over just how awesome he/she is.  Help make your child’s self-esteem bloom!  Children can read positive affirmations such as “I am magically magnificent” and “I will pursue knowledge in and out of the classroom.”  They can color in the affirmation and an accompanying illustration.   Color while exclaiming “I am magically magnificent, too!”

FOR ALL READING LEVELS: Do not worry if your child is not reading sentences yet because this coloring book is unique and designed to appeal to a variety of reading levels and ages.  Printed with a positive affirmation and corresponding illustration, this coloring book guarantees an engaging and stimulating experience that will bring you and your child together. 

FOR ALL ARTISTS:  The illustrations are beautiful all on their own.  This is a great coloring book whether your child is the next Basquiat or creates art that only a parent can appreciate.

GREAT GIFT:  This coloring book is the perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas, or simply I-was-thinking-of-you.  Boost your child’s confidence with positive affirmations they will chant all year long. 

FOR BOYS AND GIRLS:  This coloring book is perfect for both boys and girls ages 3 to 103.  Help children develop a healthy and positive self-image.  Empower children regardless of gender or age.

  • Attractive illustrations with diverse characters
  • Reinforces reading skills at the letter and sentence levels.
  • 8.5 x 11
  • Bold and big letters
  • Large and kid-friendly font
  • Vibrant and diverse characters

Help your child get affirmed from A to Z!

Purchase today.



What is the size of the coloring book?

8.5” by 11”

What is the age range for this product?

These cards are perfect for ages 3 to 103.  It is never too early or too late to be empowered!

Can I use this with the Elite Kids Affirmation flashcards?

Absolutely!  This coloring book goes perfectly with the Elite Kids Affirmation Flashcard set.  Purchase as a bundle today!

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